Seimetrix Data to Intelligence


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is an often misused and misunderstood term. Effective BI provides insight into past and present performance and market conditions to enable confident decisions for the future. This is best achieved by combining business knowledge, data expertise and technical know-how. Seimetrix has defined a three step process to delivering business intelligence.


consultConsult & Identify

First we help you to define your reporting and analytics requirements. We consult with you to identify and target the intelligence you need from inside your organisation. We aloso examine the external information available that will affect your decision making. In short we plan the most effective route to creating real business intelligence.

collectCollect & Consolidate

Then we extract the right information from your data and combine it with any relevant external sources to provide the knowledge that will deliver the intelligence you need. Your data will be held in different locations, in different formats, in the cloud and/or on-premise. We automate the collection of your data into a data model where we can aggregate it and transform it into meaningful information.

analyseAnalyse & Present

The effective presentation of information creates knowledge. We present knowledge in a visually impactful way. This enables you to analyse it, manipulate it and to build intelligence to support confident decisions for the future of your business.