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Microsoft continue to make progress in the BI space and SQL 2014 looks like it will take it to a new level.

Although it doesn’t seem possible so soon, Microsoft announced SQL Server 2014 at this year’s TechEd 2013 conference in New Orleans. Quentin Clark, Microsoft Corporate Vice President for SQL Server, said that Microsoft is getting ready for the upcoming SQL Server 2014 release. Some of the most important new features in SQL Server 2014 include the following:


In-Memory OLTP Engine

The new In-Memory OLTP Engine (formerly code-named Hekaton) will provide OLTP performance improvements by moving selected tables into memory. The In-memory OTLP Engine works with commodity hardware and won’t require any application code changes. A built-in wizard will help you to choose which tables go in memory and select the stored procedures that will be compiled into machine code for high performance execution.

EdgeNet, an early adopter, saw a 7X performance increase with no code changes. Microsoft claims that some applications can achieve a 50x performance boost using the new In-Memory OTLP engine.

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