Seimetrix Data to Intelligence

G Cloud

gcloudSeimetrix is an accredited UK G-Cloud provider for Business Intelligence and Analytics. This means that we are pre-vetted for UK public sector organisations to purchase our BI services easily and quickly via the G Cloud portal.

Through G Cloud we offer a number of solutions for BI and Analytics. This includes on-premise engagements where organisations prefer to maintain ownership of infrastructure and software licenses through to cloud-based analytics where we provide infrastructure, software and ongoing services for a recurring fee. Our outsourced analytics service is capable of meeting both IL2 and IL3 security requirements.

Our expertise covers many areas of central and local government including health, education, revenue and benefits, local government, housing, environment, criminal justice and emergency services. Utilising our business, data and technical skills we work collaboratively with the public sector in the development of comprehensive reporting and analytics frameworks for key operational functions including:

  • Procurement, Supplier Management and value-for-money analysis
  • Finance, HR and ERP
  • Learning and Development Analysis
  • IT Operations including Information Security compliance
  • Contact Management and CRM
  • Health and Safety Reporting

You can find us on the UK government cloudstore by searching here: